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Collaborate with Riccardo Spina

Recent Projects and Consultations

Achieving success: a result of collaboration

UX interface
Jaimee UX

For SAP I combined a passion for design with a regard for technology to create new ways to better use or understand existing workflows. 


​An advanced, cloud-based solution, Sproxxy is the tool to target, pitch, collaborate and measure ROI. Providing a 360° view of conferences


Integrating tech with customer experiences enhances design, turning routine tasks into unforgettable moments.


Jamiee is an AI powered chat concept that allows for relationship building through customized use of large language models.

About Spina

With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in digital enterprises and 

e-commerce, Riccardo brings a wealth of experience from both well-established markets and emerging domains. His journey includes partnering with incubator startups and global enterprises, enriching his skill set with diverse perspectives.


At the core of Riccardo's expertise lies a dedication to crafting memorable user experiences. By seamlessly blending user-centric principles with cutting-edge design strategies, he has consistently delivered outstanding results for his clients. Whether you're just setting out on your venture or steering a global enterprise, Riccardo's insights have the power to reshape the way your audience interacts with your product.


Presently, Riccardo focuses on guiding venture product entrepreneurs, providing them with actionable advice on enhancing user experiences and perfecting product designs. His mentorship goes beyond theoretical concepts, offering tangible steps to transform your vision into a product that truly resonates with users.


Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with Riccardo Spina and take your UX strategy, product design, and user experiences to unparalleled heights. Your journey towards product excellence starts here.

Imagine a collaboration that bridges the gap between innovative product design and exceptional user experiences.

Riccardo Spina, a distinguished UX Product Design Strategist, offers you the opportunity to unlock your product's fullest potential.
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