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User Experience expertise in
Hospitality, Restaurant, and B2C Retail service solutions

Identify and validate who customers are and what they want and need

Using proven methods and tools to understand user behavior to define and clarify their goals.

Provide ongoing direction and means-to-measure effectiveness of UX decisions

Applying 25+ years of experience building teams and influencing an organization's UX efforts.

Direct the building of prototypes and usability testing

Applying Design Thinking to perform big-picture prototyping
and usability testing.

POS designs for hotel and staffing 

management and scheduling 


Table and menu management

POS design

PAR level intelligence


B2C retail eCommerce transactional site design with rapid checkout and payment 

Conduct strategic audits of apps, SaaS products, and websites

Providing a holistic evaluation and auditing of a company's digital product.

Engage and educate key stakeholders

Highlighting the need for user research and leading your team through research initiatives.

Workshop and Roadmap UX Strategies

Equipping stakeholders  with a working knowledge of the best and most current practices for effective UX and UI..

UXSPINA can help ensure your product design has an industrial-grade customer experience.

If you are designing software for customers, POS experiences for business owners or e-commerce portals for a wide and diverse user base, UXSPINA can help ensure your end product delivers
an industrial-grade customer experience.

Create an industrial-grade 
customer experience that delivers for you!

  • Get an expanded and more
    complete view of the customer

  • Learn unique insights to deliver
    better customer outcomes

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