Lightspeed Commerce

Lightspeed Commerce has one of the more compelling interfaces in the industry, The team that I formed has taken that current POS to the next level, using color and design as signals to the user.


Merging technology with customer experiences like dining or shopping has been my main design interest. I feel that good design can help transcend mundane tasks into memorable moments.



Onboarding to a complex product (like Lightspeed Commerce) is a critical step in the user journey. Balancing the sophistication and time-limits of the user's interactions with a robust POS that can provide a myriad of information requires studied experience and measured interactions.


Complexity, redundancy and technical limits all influenced the existing onboarding process for the product. My team reduced the onboarding time by multiples by reducing screen repetition, consolidating data flows and linking logging information.


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Launched in March 2022, eSentry is an all-inclusive technology solution providing a competitive edge in today’s challenging real estate marketplace.

With eSentry you can now manage property showings with ease while complying with state and local mandates.

Buyers wanting to view a property can quickly register and e-sign on their own mobile phone after scanning a custom QR Code.

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Launching in 2022, ARNe is a pre-qualified network of hotel workers who can share, post and comment on work.

Providing career training is essential to retention of quality staff and ARNe creates the relationships needed by connecting workers to skill sets where additional training can be obtained.

SAP & Smart Connected Goods

SAP Smart Connected Goods

At SAP I combined a passion for design with a regard for technology to create new ways to better use or understand existing workflows.


Something as commonplace as a vending machine became more gamified and interactive when it was able to recognize the user and offer items specific to their past purchasing. Restocking became simpler when coolers were monitored for inventory and replenishment was automated by technology.

SAP Smart Connected Goods

SAP solutioning wasn't all loT and edge technology work: there are opportunities to create applications for users that entertain and engage, combining mobile design with compelling graphics.

This work allows me to follow my passion: giving the user something to make them smile, enjoy the day more through well-conceived design.


I use design to turn a task like taking store inventory or time swapping schedules into a more engaging and interesting experience.

Pay with Drop

In 2015 I and two other founders created a payments application that used Bluetooth technology to allow customers to “skip the line” and pay with their mobile phone.

Drop leveraged the newer tech of beacons by connecting IoT with the app and integrating directly into the restaurant POS, allowing the customer to order and pay at the table.

The idea was several years ahead of its time and was not able to get a lift in the USA beyond smaller, one-off vendors. We did have better success in Australia where Drop partnered with Kounta POS as a payment solution.

Pay with Drop
Pay with Drop
Pay with Drop UI/UX

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