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UX Strategy & Experience Design

With a remarkable track record of over 25 years in the realm of digital businesses and e-commerce, Riccardo Spina stands as a seasoned UX Product Design Strategist. His journey has spanned across both established markets and emerging landscapes, enriching his expertise through collaborations with incubator startups and global industry leaders. 


Riccardo's profound insights and skills have found their niche in crafting exceptional user experiences. Catering to a diverse range of clients, from visionary incubator projects to influential global enterprises, he has consistently delivered UX strategies that resonate with users while driving product success.


Currently, Riccardo extends his guidance to venture product entrepreneurs, offering them invaluable expertise in user experience enhancement and product design finesse. His advisory role proves instrumental in navigating the intricacies of UX strategy, ensuring that user-centric principles seamlessly blend with innovative product design.

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